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Spring Cleaning Ideas

06 Aug Spring Cleaning Ideas

As spring settles in and you assemble your spring cleaning to-do lists, we at Mister Sparky® want to help you make sure you don’t overlook some of the most important parts of your home. Here are a few items to consider other than the typical dusting, organizing and polishing.

Never use household cleaners on your flat-screen television; instead, use a dust cloth or specialized screen cleaner. Countertop cleaners can cause permanent and expensive damage to the screen.
If you have a TV that you’ve been meaning to mount on the wall, this would be a great time to do it. Take action this spring!

Smoke Alarms:
Test your smoke alarms once a month, and replace the batteries at least once a year. Consider changing and upgrading your smoke alarms, too. The U.S. Fire Administration recommends replacing the entire smoke alarm every ten years. (**see note)

Large Appliances:
Make sure the area around and behind your washer and dryer, and refrigerator is clear of dust, dirt and clutter. If left unattended, this debris can lead to a fire hazard. Don’t forget the refrigerator coils; they easily collect dust.

Remember when cleaning or working with electric appliances, turn them off and unplug them from the outlet. If you’re cleaning the system itself, make sure to turn off the applicable breaker switch for the item you’re cleaning.