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Protecting Your Family from Electric Hazards in the Home

13 May Protecting Your Family from Electric Hazards in the Home

Electric hazards are all around us. Electricity provides us with light, warmth and music. It allows us to access our favorite television shows and websites. These days, many of us even read on a device powered by electricity. It’s a fundamental part of modern life, but when something goes wrong, the consequences can be deadly.

Mister Sparky Electrician St. Louis shows us a way to use an attic ladder to stay safe.


Electrical Fires: How Often Do They Occur?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 500 people are killed in house electrical fires each year, and a frightening 51,000 electrical fires occur in general. Even if everyone survives the fire, many families are left out in the cold after their home and all possessions are destroyed. If this sounds like your worst nightmare, rest assured that it’s preventable.



Staying Safe: Do You Have Electric Hazards in Your Home?

  1. Watch Your Lighting

Never use bulbs with a wattage higher than designed for the fixture you’re putting them in. Most lamps have a small label that states the recommended wattage. Be extra careful with halogen lamps, which tend to run hotter than other lighting equipment. If you choose to use these lamps, make sure they are not surrounded by flammable materials.


  1. Check Your Sockets

Overloading a socket is never a good thing. Rather than plugging multiple extenders into an outlet to allow for more devices, consider talking to an electrician about installing additional sockets. Many older homes were not designed for the modern world. A few decades ago, people didn’t have cell phones, e-readers, laptops and gaming consoles to find outlets for. Rather than deal with this hassle and possibly start a fire, it makes more sense to have an additional outlet installed where you need it.


  1. Give it a Feel

If you’re concerned that an outlet might be hazardous, give it a gentle touch with dry hands. If it feels hot, you likely have a problem brewing. Many people don’t realize that electrical wiring wears out over time, much like every other part of your home. The peace of mind can be worth the price when it comes to having modern wiring put in. If you’re worried, consider getting a quote from an electrician.


  1. Deal with Exposed Wiring

Not every home is up to par. If you move into an apartment and find exposed wiring in the sockets, be sure to speak to your landlord right away. This is a fire hazard, and it likely isn’t up to code. If you have exposed wiring in your own home, now is the time to have it taken care of. Make sure all outlets have covers. Not only can exposed wiring lead to house electrical fires, but it can also cause electrocution in children or pets.


Keep Your Home Safe: National Electrical Safety Month

Mister Sparky Electrician St. Louis shows us ways to keep the family safe from electric hazards in the home.

May is National Electrical Safety Month, and the team at Mister Sparky Electricians is happy to share these ideas to help you keep your home safer. If you’re concerned that your wiring, lighting or electrical devices might be dangerous, please contact us today. With every Mister Sparky appointment, we provide a safety inspection to help uncover any electric hazards in your home. Our expert electricians will keep you knowledgeable about the current safety status of your house. Schedule your service today at 888-8-SPARKY or schedule online and let us call you back.