Energy Saving Tips for Summer-Mister Sparky Electrician St. Louis
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Energy Saving Tips This Summer

Mister Sparky ceiling fan installation can keep you cool and save you money this summer!

14 Jun Energy Saving Tips This Summer

Summer is just around the corner. Which means: turn on your grill, clean out your pool, crank up the air conditioning and power up your lawn tools! In theory, this all sounds great. But toward the end of each month when you get your electrical bill in the mail, you suddenly realize, summer fun is expensive.

Summer is so full of activities and long days that many of us lose track of the electrical use in our house.  This abundant amount of electrical use can really burn a hole through your wallet. That’s why it’s wise and financially responsible to keep a close eye on your electrical use these next couple of months.

Use Your Windows/Ceiling Fans Efficiently

One of the best ways to freshen up your home and save electricity at the same time is to open your windows in the evenings when temperatures drop. By opening your windows, the cool night breeze will enter your home and create a comfortable sleeping environment. This also allows you to turn off your air conditioning and reduce your electrical bill.

If the evening air is not producing enough of a breeze, turn up your ceiling fan. Ceiling fans are very energy efficient, and if you currently don’t have one in your home, Mister Sparky can help with our ceiling fan installation services.

In the morning, when the temperature begins to rise, close your windows and lower your blinds to lock the cool evening temperature into your house. This should allow you to, again, conserve electricity and use your air conditioning sparingly.

Think Renewable

There are many battery chargers on the marketplace now that absorb sunlight and reappropriate that energy for electricity. This is a great way to not only save money on recharging lawn tools and other battery powered devices, but it is also a very convenient method to charge your devices. Simply leave the chargers out in the sun and grab them as you need them. Again, this should help to conserve energy spent in your house and money spent out of pocket. 

Smart Thermos

Another valuable and simple way to save energy is by having a smart energy saving thermostat installed in your home. To have this installed, phone your electrical provider and they will send a technician to replace your current thermostat with the new one.

Energy saving thermostats are programmed for different times of the day. During afternoon hours, the smart thermostat will cool your house no more than a 7-degree difference from the outside air temperature. During the cooler evening hours, that difference is reduced to 4-degrees.

Plan of Action

Your next step to saving money and reducing energy use in your home is to determine a plan of action. Need a few ceiling fan installed? Call Mister Sparky and we will have a technician out to you in no time to complete a ceiling fan installation! Need you air conditioner recharged? Again, we are only a call away! We would love to help you on your journey to saving money and using electricity wisely this summer!

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