Common Electrical Hazzards-Mister Sparky Electrician St. Louis
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Common Electrical Hazards In The Home

Mister Sparky Electrician St. Louis shows some electrical service issues.

15 May Common Electrical Hazards In The Home

In our modern day society, electricity is needed more than ever, especially in the home. Electricity powers basic necessities like heating and air conditioning, and it also powers luxuries like fancy electronics. Because of this, there are several potential electrical hazards around the home people need to be aware of. That is why Mister Sparky Electrician St. Louis is discussing common electrical hazards in the home.

Some of the most common electrical hazards include faulty wiring, electrical outlets near water and curious young children.

  1. Faulty wiring

Mister Sparky Electrician St. Louis explaining some electrical hazards in the home.Loose connections in electrical outlets, frayed extension cords and damaged wire insulation may increase the risk for electrical hazards like power surges, fire danger, arc faults and others. Really any type of worn or corroded wiring may increase the chances for electric hazard. To ensure a home has proper and safe wiring, stay away from DIY electrical work, and hire a licensed electrician like those found on the team at Mister Sparky Electrician St. Louis instead.

  1. Electrical outlets near water

When installing electrical outlets, it is important that the outlets are placed a good distance away from any type of water source. This is also true for electrical devices such as curling irons, cell phones and speakers, which are mostly used in bathrooms. Water and electricity should never mix because when they do, electrical shock is bound to happen.

  1. Young children

When babies reach the terrible twos, they get into everything—the trash, the laundry, the pantry and even electrical outlets from time to time. While all these things may be potentially harmful, the last thing people want their baby doing is sticking fingers or other sharp objects into outlets, and possibly being severely injured. Baby proofing a home with plastic caps fitted into electrical outlets keep these types of electrical hazards from happening, so be sure to do this if you are expecting a little one soon or already have one in the home.

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