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Aluminum Wiring Repair

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that approximately two million homes in the United States were built or renovated using aluminum wiring in the electrical circuits. Aluminum wiring repair is a serious electrical service need for many older St Louis and surrounding area home. Consumer Product Safety Commission also states that if safety procedures are not deployed that every outlet, light switch and electrical box connected to these circuits is simply a fire that is waiting to happen.

St Louis Electrician Mister Sparky Aluminum Wiring Repair Aluminum wiring was used in some new home construction and existing home remodels from the mid-1960s to the early 1970s. Unknown at that time is that aluminum wiring is a probable fire hazard because of problems regarding expansion, micro-fretting and arcing at connectors, which can cause overheating at connections between the wire, devices or at aluminum wire splices.


Also, the connection becomes warmer when current flows through wires. The expansion of the aluminum, confined under a screw terminal, generates immense pressure that allows the metal to flow into empty spaces in the connector. When the electrical load is removed, the aluminum cools and contracts before a gap forms between the wire and connector. After that, the slightly loose-fitting connection has a much higher resistance, but more corrosion forms in the gap. This corrosion then further increases the resistance. These connections can become hot enough to start a fire without ever causing the circuit breaker to trip. Aluminum wiring is mostly thought to have a useful life of around 30 years.

If you believe your home is in need of aluminum wiring repair, Mister Sparky Electrician experts will make a visit to your home to perform a safety inspection. Upon inspection, we will be able to inform you of the amount of aluminum wiring in your home and its current condition. We will help you fully understand your options and next steps towards ensuring the safety of your family. Our expert technicians will be able to answer all your aluminum wiring questions and help you better understand why and when aluminum wiring was installed in St Louis homes.