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Unexpected Electrical Hazards

Mister Sparky Electrician in St. Louis is giving these tips to be aware of home electrical hazzards.

16 Feb Unexpected Electrical Hazards

Safety is something we hold dear to our hearts at Mister Sparky St. Louis. Everyday our team of technicians put on the Sparky uniform and they go out on the job with one common goal in mind: keep the customers safe. We may consistently aim to protect our customers through excellent service, but we like to go a step further by educating our customers on electrical hazards—particularly unexpected electrical hazards like reversed polarities, covered cords and homes lacking proper ground fault isolation (GFCI).

Electrical hazards like reversed polarity may exist in your home without anyone noticing the danger. This occurs when neutral and hot connections are wired backwards at a receptacle. The devices that you plug into an outlet with reverse polarity will still function, but the improper electrical wiring creates a risk for shock in certain situations. An example situation is getting shocked when touching the metal part of a lamp’s light socket. Avoid reversed polarity by staying away from DIY electrical work.Mister Sparky Electrician will post this sign when there is an electrical hazzard being repaired.

Another common unexpected electrical hazard we want to bring to your attention is covered electrical cords. This hazard becomes even more dangerous when you cover electrically charged cords or devices with flammable materials like rugs, blankets, newspapers etc. A fire may result if there are shorts in the cords or if the cords become overheated. The same thing could happen by laying a cell phone in bed with you or under your pillow as you sleep. When charging a phone, you never know when a battery will burn up or a cord will short out. Don’t risk it.

The last hazard we want to mention is homes that are lacking the proper ground fault isolation circuits in areas where water is present or near. This type of circuit will prevent accidental death from electrical shocks by shutting off the current in case of a problem. Wet areas are especially dangerous and GFCI outlets can save lives. If you don’t have them in place –get them. If you do have them-test them every month or so by clicking the test tab and observing the power shutoff. If there is no power interrupt, replace the GFCI receptacle.

Mister Sparky Electrician St. Louis aims to keep our customers safe at all times. Again, it’s a huge part of our job responsibility. We hope we’ve made a difference with this blog by educating you on a few unexpected electrical hazards.

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